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Google Ads for Advanced Users


A course designed for those already familiar with the basics of Google Ads, but who have not yet achieved the Return On Investment (ROI) required for their business.


You should be familiar with the basic functionality of Google Ads.

This course is tailored to your business, and includes a review of your Ads account and website prior to the training.

Course outline

  • Google’s network and advertising programmes;
  • Key concepts in Google Ads;
  • Understanding Google’s Enhanced Campaigns;
  • Ads Tiered Account Model (TAM);
  • Defining your business and advertising criteria;
  • Keyword discovery, mining and segmentation;
  • A review of your Ads account;
  • A review of your website and landing pages;
  • Building profitable Ads campaigns;
  • Campaign optimisation techniques;
  • Writing effective advertising copy;
  • Developing landing pages that convert;
  • Associated Google services.

Format and price

This is a full-day course conducted at your premises. Facilities permitting, we’ll train up to 5 members of your team at no extra charge.

PPC tools

We’ve developed a number of tools to assist with tasks such as keyword segmentation, and all our training courses include free access to these tools.

Online access

Our training courses include a rich suite of high-quality slides which are first tailored to your business and then uploaded to our server. Our price includes permanent access to these slides for all participants after the course – all you need is a browser. You are free to review or print individual slides or refresh your memory on specific topics as often as you wish.

Guaranteed support

From experience, we know that no matter how good the training, you’ll still have questions once you start building your own campaigns. Our price therefore includes 90 days unlimited support following your course.

Google Ads


Dramatically increase the
returns you get from your
Google Ads spend
  • A programme designed to make changes that will dramatically and continuously increase the returns you get from your Google Ads spend.
  • Implements full conversion tracking even if you conversions take place off-line.
  • Move from counting click-through rates to counting ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) or profit.
  • Great if you are considering moving your Google Ads management from an agency to in-house.

The Google Ads Optimisation programme is designed for companies spending more than £5,000 per month on Google Ads.

The programme focusses on implementing changes that will help you continuously increase the returns you are getting from Google Ads even in the most competitive markets.

The programme follows a four-stage process which helps to maximise the effectiveness of what we work with you to implement.

Stage 1: Defining Your Requirements

The first stage starts by us auditing the way you are currently using your Google Ads and how you track and monitor the results you are getting.  During workshops with your senior team we will discuss issues we find in the way your Google Ads is set up and how you track results especially focusing on areas where you are getting limited returns.

Coming out of this stage we will walk through with you and your team, a set of changes that will improve initial results and conversions and also give you procedures that will continuously improve returns on your spend.

Stage 2: Design & Planning

Once we have identified what could work for your business we will design and plan out what will be implemented.

Stage 3: Implementation

We will work with you and your team to implement the Google Ads recommendations and manage the project elements through to completion.

Stage 4: Review, Coach, Optimise and Improve

After an initial number of project elements have been implemented we will then work alongside you to review the new results from your Google Ads and start to implement continuous improvements.

Our approach will involve coaching and training some team members to be able to competently run key elements in-house, and will make sure your senior team understand how to interpret the results and make the best decisions to improve them.

To find out more about the Google Ads Optimisation programme

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