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Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
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Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


This 16-hour advanced SEO course dives deep into expert-level SEO techniques that experienced practitioners apply on a day-to-day basis.

Participants will be required to either demonstrate fundamental knowledge on how search engines work through this diagnostic quiz, or have completed the Search Engine Optimization course before signing up for this advanced course.

Each phase of the 4-step SEO process (Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, SEO Analytics) covered in the fundamental Search Engine Optimization course will be reinforced and covered in more detail in this advanced course.

Set in a real world setting with live case studies shared by participants, successful and unsuccessful case studies shared by a subject matter expert, and in-class sessions of practical implementation of SEO strategies, participants will take away practitioner-level SEO skills and confidence by the end of the course.


This advanced SEO course is targeted to Client-side and Agency-side Marketers, Web Developers, and Small Business Owners who wish to understand the exact mechanics behind how search engines rank websites, manage an SEO project in-house or externally with better precision, and gain practitioner-level SEO knowledge and skills to successfully implement advanced SEO strategies to their existing marketing campaigns.


A Certification of Achievement by Equinet Academy will be awarded to candidates who have achieved at least 75% attendance.



WSQ Search Engine Optimization Course Certificate of Achievement or;
have been practicing SEO for at least a year.


Advanced Keyword Research and SEO Content Strategy

Instructor-Led | Lecture, case study, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, concept formation

▷ Breakdown and review of keyword research tools
▷ Building an advanced keyword research and content plan
▷ Competitor keyword research and analysis
▷ Prioritising budget and resources for high ROI content with high ranking potential
▷ Comprehensive mapping of content formats to search queries
▷ How to integrate your content strategy with an SEO strategy

Advanced On-Page SEO

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, case study, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

▷ Understanding complex search engine algorithms (BERT, RankBrain, etc.)
▷ Interpreting Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines in-depth
▷ Reviewing existing content and recommending progressive or radical improvements to boost rankings
▷ Structuring content and information architecture for SEO
▷ How to rank for short tail (generic) and long tail (specific) keywords
▷ How to deal with conflicting perspectives (UX Vs. SEO)
▷ Implementing structured data markup with and rich snippet testing tool
▷ Conducting advanced technical SEO audit and resolving technical issues
▷ Dealing with duplicate content
▷ Conducting internal and external linking audit
▷ International SEO

Advanced Off-Page SEO

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study, drill and practice, concept formation, individual project work

▷ Conducting a comprehensive off-page SEO audit
▷ Generating off-page SEO reports for management review
▷ Online reputation management
▷ How to fix a search engine penalty
▷ How to research and create ultra-linkable assets
▷ Advanced link building strategies

Advanced SEO Strategies and Analytics

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, case study, individual project work

▷ Assessing whether SEO is a viable digital channel for your organisation
▷ Managing external SEO agencies and in-house SEO function
▷ Conducting a comprehensive SEO audit
▷ Analyzing keyword ranking reports and proposing SEO initiatives to boost overall rankings
▷ Advanced competitor SEO analysis and benchmarking
▷ Calculating ROI of your SEO campaigns
▷ Tracking and analyzing essential SEO metrics and recommending improvements


Instructional-led | Lecture, case study

▷ Optimizing for other search engines (Bing, Baidu, Naver, YouTube, App Store, etc.).
▷ Latest Search Engine Optimization trends

Assessment Component

▷ Individual Work
▷ Case Study with Activity Sheet (Written Assessment)



In this advanced SEO course, participants will learn:


The exact mechanics behind how search engines function and important ranking factors.


How to manage an SEO project in-house or externally and better communicate with key stakeholders within an organization


How to strategise and develop comprehensive SEO plans and lead the execution team to achieve higher SEO rankings.


How to diagnose and fix technical SEO issues that could potentially hinder organic search rankings.



By the end of the class, participants will:


Be able to conduct advanced keyword research and build a comprehensive keyword and content plan for a long term SEO strategy.


Be able to perform advanced competitor analysis and derive benchmark key performance indicators to dominate the competition.


Be able to conduct a complete SEO audit on a live website and provide recommendations for organic search ranking improvements

SEO : Copywriting

One Day Course




Well crafted copy engages customers and search engines alike.

This course will teach you to write so you can engage your audience with captivating copy, along with your keywords rank highly on Google.

You will learn to incorporate your keywords into your copy without contrivance or clunkiness which are turn-offs for existing and prospective customers.

Some knowledge of SEO principles and writing for the web would be useful.



How is this advanced SEO course different from the Search Engine Optimisation course currently offered?

The Search Engine Optimisation course covers the fundamental aspects of SEO while this advanced SEO course builds upon the foundations and dives into real-world practitioner-level advanced SEO strategies.

Do I need to attend the Search Engine Optimisation course before I can attend this advanced SEO course?

It is highly recommended to attend the fundamental Search Engine Optimisation course before attending this advanced course as this course will jump into advanced concepts which require firm foundational knowledge of how SEO works. However, if you already have been practicing SEO in your day-to-day work or possess the fundamentals, you may still sign up for this course.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my my objectives.

If you’re unsure which courses can best help you meet your objectives, you may want to check out our Course Selection Diagnostic Tool and answer 3 questions to determine a suitable course for your needs.


• Copywriting techniques
• Engaging an online audience

SEO Copywriting Basics
• A few essential guidelines
• Examples of good and bad online copy

Choosing the Right Keywords
• Tools for choosing keywords
• Different types of keywords (broad vs narrow)
• How to think like your customers

Anatomy of Optimised Copy
• Headers
• Intros
• Sub-heads
• Links

SEO Copywriting Mistakes
• Avoiding keyword cramming
• Avoiding irrelevance
• Avoiding contrivance
• Avoiding lack of flow

Writing Search Engine Optimised Copy
• Understanding your audience
• Writing to suit different contexts:
– web pages, landing pages, social media, emailshot, blogs
• Finding the right tone of voice
• Writing to length
• Using keywords to build narrative structure
• Knowing where each keyword should go
• Using blogs and social media platforms

Questions and Answers


IntroductionAnalysing your existing site
• Using analytic tools
• Using Webmaster tools
• Analysing existing search results
• Examining Google’s cache
• Analysing competitors
• Review of keyword research tools and techniques

Content for SEO
• Google Panda and Penguin
• Keyword identification and enriching
• Defining suitable content
• Defining keyword competition
• Defining Theme phrases
• Improving page focus
• Copywriting techniques for good SEO
• Content schemas, microdata –

Web Design for SEO
• Creating a search engine friendly website
• Standards compliant code
• Site performance and efficiency
• Finding and repairing broken links
• Improving SEO using background images with text overlay

  • Site setup for SEO
    • Managing redirects
    • Duplicate content
    • Benefits and limitations of CMS Systems
    • Multiple domains, domain canonicalisation
    • Robots.txt
    • Sitemap.xml
    • Image and Video sitemap filesLocalisation SEO (optional course content)
    • How localisation works
    • Working with local directories
    • Google+ / GooglePlaces
    • Local referrals
    • Consistency of local information

    Driving traffic
    • Successful link building
    • Link approaches and anchor text
    • Using social media
    • Link management
    • Repairing problems with bad links
    • Feeds and content sharing

    • Useful tools for SEO analysis and support

    Questions and answers