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Advanced Social Media Marketing Course

Part 1: Advanced Social Media Content + Management:

Learn Advanced, Practitioner-level Social Media Marketing Strategies as Executed by Industry Experts

Part 2: Advanced Facebook + Instagram Ads:

Create Impactful Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Measure, Optimise, and Improve Your Facebook Advertising ROI.

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Are your social media marketing efforts yielding results? Keen to continuously improve your brand’s growth on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or other social platforms?

By the time you read this, social media is no longer novel. Brands and companies both big and small have harnessed it to grow their brands online presence, generate leads, and boost their sales. They include well-known B2B and B2C brands like Apple, Intel, Caterpillar, Singapore Airlines, Ikea, Changi Airport, Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks.

While some have succeeded, the majority find that their online efforts do not bring the result which they desire. Often, this is due to a poor understanding of how social media works, or a lack of deeper understanding of the platform’s dynamics.

Targeted at current corporate and individual users of social media, this advanced-level course


VPs and Marketing directors, PR directors, Marcom directors, social media managers, community managers, bloggers, digital marketing executives, PR executives, account managers, account executives, and anybody who needs to use social media to attract customers and prospects, cultivate leads,


A Certification of Achievement by Equinet Academy will be awarded to candidates who have achieved at least 75% attendance.



Participants should be fairly conversant with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube either on a professional or personal basis. They should be familiar with the process of setting up pages and ad accounts, have participated in social media groups, and have regularly posted


Introduction to Advanced Social Media Marketing Management

Instructor-Led | Lecture, case study

▷ Navigating the ACE-ING! Framework
▷ Step-by-step walk through of the Advanced Social Media Marketing Management Process

ANALYSE: Conducting a Company and Competitor social media analysis

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, case study, group discussion, group presentation, group project work

▷ Recent Trends in Social Media
▷ How to do a Social Media Marketing Audit
▷ Social Media Tools: Spying, Tracking, Listening, Scheduling and Engagement
▷ Developing a social media competitor report and SWOT analysis

CURATE: Social media content ideation, curation and scheduling

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study, group discussion, group presentation, group project work, games/quizzes

▷ Content Brainstorming and Curation – where to find ideas and use #hashtags
▷ Crafting a Social Media Campaign Funnel
▷ Developing a Social Media Content Plan: Schedule and Calendar

EXCUTE: Advanced Social Media Content Strategies

Instructor-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, drill and practice, case study, group discussion, group presentation

▷ Developing a Social Media Brand
▷ Social Brand Identity (Persona, Tone, Style)
▷ Advanced Social Media Content Creation
▷ Social media ad copywriting building blocks
▷ Techniques in Live Streaming and Stories
▷ Growing Your Social Influence
▷ Cialdini’s 6 Weapons of Influences

INFER & NAVIGATE: How to Read, Track and Manage Social Media ROI

Instructional-led | Lecture, demonstration and modelling, case study

▷ How to work out your social media marketing budget
▷ Developing a social media analytics plan and template
▷ Calculating social media ROI

Instructional-led | Lecture, concept formation, case study

Instructional-led | Lecture, concept formation, case study

▷ Types of social media marketing jobs – analyst, creator, advertiser, community manager
▷ Social Media Management Workflows and Templates
▷ Inhouse vs outsourcing
▷ Crafting a social media brief



In the Advanced Social Media Marketing course, participants will learn how to:


Build a sustainable social media marketing management process


Tap on the latest trends in social media marketing


Analyse and audit competitors and company’s social media efforts


Develop techniques to brainstorm and source for social media content ideas


Craft winning social media content for campaigns


Build their online brand influence through storytelling and social psychology



By the end of the class, participants will be able to:


Develop a systematic process for managing their social media marketing function


Audit, track and optimize their social media marketing processes


Create more effective social media marketing campaigns using content best practices


Improve their online influence and strengthen their fan communities


Develop a social media budget and track their social media ROI


Manage their social media marketing functions effectively and

Social Media Marketing : Advanced

One Day Course




Effective social media marketing will improve your business’ online presence, build brand loyalty and increase conversions.

This advanced one-day course is designed for professional marketers or those with marketing experience looking to take their social media presence to the next level. Learn how to increase your followers and engagement across the main social media platforms, define your strategy, create paid adverts and monitor and analyse your ROI.

What are the five things you will get out of this course?
• Conduct a competitor analysis
• Using social listening
• Grow audience and engagement
• Create brand loyal communities
• Create paid social media adverts

You should have attended our Social Media Marketing Introduction course or have previous working knowledge of Social Media Marketing.



Competitor Analysis
• Identify your social media competitors
• Analyze competitors’ activity
• Evaluate competitors’ online content
• Use data to improve Social Media Marketing strategy

Social Listening
• What is Social Listening?
• Why it is important for your brand
• Social Listening strategies
• Useful tools

Social ads
• Why social ads work
• Benefits of social ads
• Best practice for social ads
• Targeting best practice
• Different approaches to social ads

More on social ads
• Facebook paid ads: overview, tactics and targeting
• Twitter paid ads: overview, tactics and targeting
• Instagram paid ads: overview, tactics and targeting
• LinkedIn paid ads: overview, tactics and targeting
• Tracking ads
• What makes a successful post

Questions and Answers


1 free refresher seat within 1 year after the course
Seats are non-participatory. Participatory seats are subject to availability.


Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


Gain lifetime access to up-to-date online resources for the course attended
Access up-to-date course slides, guides, and actionable templates via the learning portal


Globally, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users, surpassing China’s entire population. In Singapore alone, there are over 4 million Facebook users and this is expected to reach 4.5 million in 2023. – Statista

According to Asiaone, Singaporeans are leading first place in terms of spending the longest time on Facebook, with a record average of 38 minutes and 46 seconds per session. Of this statistic, Singaporean mums spend the most time on Facebook than any other demographic group.

Understanding the local and international trends on Facebook translates to the need for brands to enhance their presence on this giant social network.

This 2-day intensive Facebook Advertising Core Competencies course will enable participants to develop a Facebook marketing strategy, launch compelling Facebook Advertising campaigns to drive leads/increase brand awareness, and review and optimise performance.

Through a mix of real world case studies, group work/discussions and hands-on implementation, participants will gain practical knowledge and develop confidence in creating and managing Facebook Advertising campaigns.


In this Facebook Advertising Core Competencies course, you will learn:



Diajar Oleh Praktisi Berpengalaman

Pengajar kami memiliki pengalaman selama bertahun-tahun dalam mengelola internet marketing di berbagai perusahaan. Bahkan telah terbukti sukses meningkatkan omset sebesar ratusan persen dalam satu tahun atau kurang.

Praktek Langsung

Tak perlu menunggu lagi, Anda dapat mempraktekkan ilmu-ilmu yang telah kami berikan secara langsung di depan laptop anda pada saat workshop. Staff kami juga siap membantu apabila Anda menemui kesulitan pada saat workshop.

Hasil Nyata

Kami juga memberikan tips-tips yang tidak diketahui kebanyakan internet marketer lainnya sehingga dapat mempermudah peserta untuk mengiklankan produknya. Sebelumnya telah terbukti meningkatkan omset peserta secara signifikan.


Persiapan Facebook & Instagram Ads:
  • Setup Facebook Pixel di Website Anda
  • Akun Profile vs Facebook Fanpage
Praktek Dasar Pembuatan Facebook & Instagram Ads:
  • Membuat Engagement Ads untuk Bisnis Anda
  • Membuat Traffic Ads untuk Bisnis Anda
  • Membuat Lead Ads untuk Lead Magnet Anda
  • Membuat Video Ads untuk Bisnis Anda
  • Setup Custom Conversion & Conversion Ads untuk Bisnis Anda
Pembuatan Kreatif Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads:
  • Tips & Trik Copywriting yang menjual di Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pembuatan Konten Gambar untuk keperluan iklan Facebook & Instagram
  • Pembuatan Konten Video untuk keperluan iklan Facebook & Instagram
  • Penggunaan Single Image, Single Video, Carousel
  • Penggunaan Instant Experience sebagai alternatif apabila Anda belum memiliki Website
Facebook & Instagram Remarketing:
  • Melakukan Follow-Up secara otomatis menggunakan fitur Custom Audience dari Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Membuat Iklan untuk Follow-Up otomatis Database Customer Anda
  • Membuat Iklan untuk Follow-Up otomatis Website Visitor Anda
  • Membuat Iklan untuk Follow-Up otomatis viewer dari Video Anda
  • Membuat Iklan untuk Follow-Up otomatis Instagram / Facebook Page Visitor Anda
  • Penggunaan Lookalike Audience untuk memperbesar
Facebook & Instagram Conversion:
  • Mengenal konsep Conversion untuk Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Membuat Custom Conversion & Standard Event Conversion untuk Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Membuat Iklan Conversion Ads
  • Membuat Iklan Product Catalog Sales Ads
Tools-Tools Lain dari Facebook & Instagram Ads:
  • Offer – untuk membagikan diskon kepada Customer Anda melalui Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Business Manager – pengaturan akses individu secara rapi di dalam Perusahaan, tanpa share username & password
  • Manual Bid – penggunaan manual bid untuk mengontrol cost iklan Anda (untuk budget besar)
Melakukan Scaling terhadap Iklan Anda:
  • Best Practice ketika melakukan Scale-Up Iklan & Budget Anda
  • Melakukan Scaling terfokus kepada Targeting
  • Melakukan Scaling terfokus kepada Placement
  • Melakukan Scaling terfokus kepada Time of Day
  • Melakukan Scaling dengan Campaign Objective lain
Best Practice & Best Recipe di Facebook & Instagram Ads:
  • Kumpulan Case Study dengan mengkombinasikan Fitur-Fitur yang ada di Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Teknik Transfer Engagement
  • Teknik Multiple Objective
  • Teknik Pancingan Artikel / Video
  • Teknik Budget vs Tanggal
  • Teknik Cross Interest
  • Teknik Serupa Tapi Tak Sama
  • Teknik Daerah Prioritas
  • Teknik Menghantui
  • Teknik Always-On / Tactical
  • Teknik Flash Sale
  • Teknik Bombardir Custom Audience


Do I need a Facebook account for this course?

Generally, it is highly recommended to have a Facebook account to maximise the learnings. If you do not have a Facebook account, we have a demo Facebook account which we can provide to you. Likewise, you can also create a Facebook account before attending this course.

Do I need to have a facebook page?

You will need a Facebook page to run Facebook ads. Our trainer will be providing a guided, step by step creation of how to create a Facebook page.

Can I run ads for instagram after attending this course?

Yes, you can run ads on Instagram after attending the Facebook marketing course. The Facebook marketing course covers Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Messenger Ads & even WhatsApp Ads.

Do I need to have a business/personal website for the course?

It is recommended to have a business/personal website as it will make the course more effective. But the course will cover Facebook ads that work with or without a website.

How is this course different from the social media marketing course offered by Codeva Academy?

This Facebook course focuses on Facebook advertising, taking you from beginner to intermediate level in two days. The social media marketing course on the other hand covers the basics of Facebook advertising, the general social media landscape, and social media marketing strategies for Facebook and other social media channels such as LinkedIn, Blogs, and Instagram.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

The fundamentals of Facebook advertising is based on an “Auction Model”. What this means is that you are essentially competing with other people that are advertising on Facebook (also known as “Advertisers”), and the highest bid wins.

On average, what we have seen is that the CPC (cost per click) cost for Facebook advertising ranges from $0.23 SGD to $5.15 SGD per click. Similarly, the CPM (cost per 1000 impression) cost for Facebook advertising ranges from $2.07 SGD to $59.72 SGD per CPM.

So the short answer is that the cost of advertising on Facebook really depends on many different factors. There’s no single fixed cost figure that you can accurately benchmark with.

Read this article for understand the factors involved that might affect the costs of advertising on Facebook –

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.

If you’re unsure which courses can best help you meet your objectives, you may want to check out our Course Selection Diagnostic Tool and answer 3 questions to determine a suitable course for your needs.


Do I need to attend Social Media Marketing course before I can attend this Advanced Social Media Marketing?

We recommend that you attend the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COURSE before attending this course as the areas covered are significantly different. However, trainees who are already using social media marketing in their work or familiar with the basics can consider signing up for this course.

What are the key differences between Social Media Marketing and the Advanced Social Media Marketing Course?

The  Social Media Marketing Course covers the basic to intermediate levels of social media such as how Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube work, step-by-step in launching a Facebook ad, and how to read and interpret your social media analytics results. It emphasises more on understanding the platforms and what works (and what doesn’t), as well as some basic principles in digital marketing.

The Advanced Social Media Marketing Course, on the other hand, is more useful for current practitioners of social media marketing. It introduces systems and processes that can help you to fine-tune your social media marketing campaigns, improve your social media results, and strengthen governance. You will also learn how to apply techniques in social psychology to boost your influence and grow your fans.

How does this course compare to other workshop in the market?

This workshop is run by a seasoned social media marketing practitioner who is also a business influencer and B2B blogger. Hence, many of the techniques and steps taught are gleaned from his years of experience as both an agency owner as well as an influencer and thought leader in social media marketing.

What do I need prepare myself for the course?

It will be useful if you are already fairly active on social media, and have a working knowledge of how to create posts, write articles, or share stories on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. While having a YouTube channel will be an advantage, it is not a necessity.

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my my objectives.

If you’re unsure which courses can best help you meet your objectives, you may want to check out our Course Selection Diagnostic Tool and answer 3 questions to determine a suitable course for your needs.