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Bootcamp Prep

Learn the intermediate programming

concepts you’ll need to get into a top

coding bootcamp.

Get into the most selective bootcamps

Get accepted into a top bootcamp or your money back.


Average annual salary increase*



Reached their career outcomes


switch careers

Average time to switch careers

3 Months

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Success starts with preparation


Bootcamp Prep takes candidates who already have experience with code to the next level of programming. It covers the specific coding and JavaScript concepts you’ll need to know to pass the official Codeva assessment and go on to succeed in bootcamp.

To make sure you’re ready to succeed in Bootcamp Prep, take the practice test below. A score of 6 or higher means you’re ready to sign up, while 5 or lower means you need a handle on the basics first.

Pre-work for Prep in a Week and Prep in a Month


Once you’ve taken the practice test, confirmed Bootcamp Prep is right for you, and enrolled, you’ll get access to some pre-work. It takes about 10 hours to complete.

It includes 5 lecture videos and several coding challenges, plus solution videos to help you understand the answer to each challenge.

All students are asked to complete this pre-work before the first day of class. It will prepare you to succeed in class–or reveal that you aren’t at the right level for Bootcamp Prep and need to request a refund before class actually begins.


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This 4-week course is designed to give beginners with no programming experience an opportunity to learn the basics of coding. The curriculum includes an introduction to web development using the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages. Our instructors help you take your first steps into the world of Software Development, an industry that has high growth, high-salary, and is in-demand.


Rather than spending your time with online videos and tutorials, the prep course helps you get started on real projects. Receive on-demand support, mentorship from our instructors, connect with fellow students and start building your coding portfolio!

Software Engineering Prep Programs

Codeva’s online prep courses will teach you the javascript skills you need to get into any

software engineering bootcamp.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three essential technologies that all web developers must learn. Our curriculum is primarily focused on JavaScript, which is the most commonly used language of the web. You will learn the basics of Javascript through hands-on coding exercises with a capstone project at the end of the course.

Bootcamp Prep is a 4-week, part-time course meant to help you get accepted at the most selective coding schools or your money back.
The program will teach you up to an advanced level of JavaScript, and instructors provide you with 1-on-1 mock interviews as well as assist with your individual bootcamp applications.


Fundamentals of Computer Science

In the first week, you’ll be immersed in learning the fundamental concepts and strategies considered best practices in the software engineering industry.

  • Basic and advanced data structures
  • Thinking like an engineer
  • Using JavaScript instantiation patterns

Full Stack JavaScript

Learn Full Stack JavaScript in 5 weeks in the context of working on realistic code bases.

  • Inheritance Patterns, Algorithms, and Browser Animation
  • Frameworks and the MVC Pattern
  • Server Side Technologies/Node and Databases
  • Advanced Web Development: JavaScript, API frameworks, CSS frameworks, JS frameworks, Deployment and Authentication

Application Design/Development & Job Search

Work in teams that resemble industry standards to develop functional applications. Explore new technologies and put your bug testing to good use. In the last week, prepare for your job search with practice interviews, learning negotiation tactics and updating your resume/online presence.

  • MVP, Frontend Capstone, System Design Capstone
  • Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Career Services Preparation

What You’ll Learn

Bootcamp Prep’s holistic curriculum covers JavaScript, application and interview prep.

                WEEK 1

Intro Web Development and
JavaScript Fundamentals
JS Syntax
Node and Browser Environments
Variables and Primitive Data Types
Program Flow (looping and conditionals)
Arrays and Objects

                WEEK 2

Intro JavaScript + Bootcamp
Practice Problems
Style and Idiomatic JS

                WEEK 3

Intermediate JavaScript +
Bootcamp Practice Problems
Asynchronous Programming
Interview Prep

                WEEK 2

Advanced JavaScript + Interview
Technique + Bootcamp
Application Prep
Advanced Problems

What you’ll learn


The curriculum for Bootcamp Prep includes lectures, workshops, pair programming, coding challenges, and a culminating project–many of the same elements you’ll find in our immersive programs, which is why Bootcamp Prep is great practice for ultimately enrolling in a coding bootcamp.


All of our Bootcamp Prep courses (especially Prep In a Week) are demanding and intense. They are not for true beginners (anyone who has never written any code before) and we recommend them only for those who are actually considering attending a coding bootcamp at Codeva.


Defining and invoking functions


Data types


Control flow, truthy/falsey, and loops




Multidimensional arrays and nested loops



Choose the right schedule for you

We offer three different versions of this course: week-long, month-long, and self-paced. All three options teach the same curriculum and include the same amount of instructional time but move at different paces and offer different learning environments.

Prep in a Week

Prep in a Month

Prep Online


Live Instruction
(Either in-person or remote)

Week-long immersive

Live Instruction
(Either in-person or remote)

4 nights a week for 3.5 weeks

Online course taught by Fullstack
founders David and Nimit!

Takes about 40 hours to complete


Sat-Sun (10 AM to 5 PM)
Mon-Thu (6:40 PM to 9:40 PM)
Sat-Sun (10 AM to 5 PM)

6:40 PM to 9:40 PM

Online course taught by Fullstack
founders David and Nimit!

Takes about 40 hours to complete

Accelerated instruction

Instruction at a moderate pace

Instruction at your own pace

Learning Environment

Group learning in a bootcamp setting

Group learning in a traditional class setting

Individualized learning in your own environment

Real-time help from Fullstack experts

Real-time help from Fullstack experts

Lecture and solution videos, plus related coding challenges

Learn JavaScript Your Way

Codeva offers two different prep experiences for students based on how you prefer to learn. Whether enrolled in the Basic, self-paced program, or the live-online Premium Prep option, you will be enabled to join any software engineering bootcamp, including our own.

Course modules build from software engineering basics to more complex problems, enhancing your technical proficiency with every hour of study to prepare you for our Technical Admissions Assessment.

Jamila Ardenia

“I wasn’t sure what to expect out of prep class or if it was even necessary for me to attend but I’m extremely glad I went through with it. The knowledge I gained from prep really allowed me to hit the ground running and I ran straight into their bootcamp program. In my opinion, attending prep class is so essential it should be mandatory! The assignments were well thought out and spot on for an introduction to coding.”

Ariya Bahri

“The Codeva prep course was an excellent introduction to programming. Even if I had not moved forward in the Codeva curriculum I would have left the course with an excellent base knowledge on programming that I could have taken with me to further my knowledge. The instructors are great, the curriculum challenging, and overall it was a great experience.”

Lulu Jania

“Taking the JavaScript Prep course was a great stepping stone into coding. The projects were fun to work on, low-stress, and the instructors are helpful and kind. At the end of the course, we were able to make a simple website based on what we learned.”