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Empower your entire organisation with the tech skills it needs

To ensure the people in your business are data-driven, high-performing problem solvers, we offer online and on-site technical training and corporate programming workshops. In addition, we can scale your data management, product or design teams by sourcing and assessing technical candidates.

Close your company’s tech skills gap with Codeva


Enhance the competence of your tech talent to global standards while ensuring your dev team is lean, productive and efficient.


Transform your non-technical employees and management to be proficient developers, data analysts or effective decision-makers.


Benchmark the opportunities and strengths of your team via technical assessments and our Code Review as a Service.


Let us source developers for your business requirements. Assemble an agile, growth-focused organisation by moulding your digital strategy into reality.

Accelerate your company’s digital transformation

When it comes to organising your tech and talent strategy, we’ll help you address key issues such as the best ways to hire and upskill developers, create staff training and staff development programs, and ensure these skill development programs contribute to your scorecard.

In addition, having data driven processes and teams will allow better decision making, leaner growth, a more productive workforce and a strong understanding of your target markets.

Despite the global shortage in tech, we’ll help align your corporate strategy to your tech needs.

Enable your team to be the
best it can be

Transform your organisation by aligning your tech skills strategy to your business goals.

Our corporate training courses and workshops will produce rapid technical skills development and increased team competency. 

Upskill and reskill employees with tailored programs to future-proof your business. By upgrading your talent pipeline, you’ll always be one step ahead.

Build teams for efficiency and speed

Are you looking to hire developers. who are motivated, demographically-diverse and highly competent? We always have candidates looking to grow within your organisation.

Our developers have wide-ranging skill sets, plus in-depth programming knowledge. We would also be able to technically assess any developer candidate through our Code Review as a Service (CRAAS) platform, which uses a human-driven code review process to provide comprehensive feedback and scores of potential hires to your hiring team.

Local talent, global success

Dedicated to closing the tech skills gap through personal skills development and corporate training, Codeva thoroughly understands the tech landscape. Tracking the pulse of local conditions and international trends, we have been instrumental in transforming a number of listed companies. Codeva meets the needs of your business with simple, scalable and robust solutions.

What makes our training different?

We build learning paths for our students, alumni, and clients. Our learning paths may comprise two programs for a specific team or organization-wide programs for all teams.

Measurement is a cornerstone of our training programs, so we’re able to qualify and quantify outcomes. Only pay our program fee once your employees are able to demonstrate the skills you hired us to teach.



Practitioner Educators

Instructors make or break trainings. Ours are experienced engineers who’ve mentored and managed thousands of engineers. They are passionate about delivering positive experiences.




You deserve training around your way of doing software. We work to understand your tech organization and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to put our trainings in the proper context and make them relevant.



Instructional Design

Our innovative instructional design utilizes multiple modalities and engages through hands-on projects and pair programming. We’ve custom built apps for the sole purpose of practice.



Return on Investment

You’re sacrificing resources and productivity for future value. Our targeted and tailored programs guarantee skill and process progression to move your company forward.