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Codeva Digital Marketing Strategy Certification Course

Redefine Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Two Days


1 free refresher seat within 1 year after the course
Seats are non-participatory. Participatory seats are subject to availability.


Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


Gain lifetime access to up-to-date online resources for the course attended
Access up-to-date course slides, guides, and actionable templates


Digital Marketing Strategy Process

Digital Marketing Strategy Process


This course is suitable for Marketing Professionals/Managers/Executives (PMEs), Business Owners, and Individuals who are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of digital marketing strategy, campaign development and implementation.


A SkillsFuture WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) – ICT-SNM-5006-1.1 Integrated Marketing under the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) and Certification of Completion by Equinet Academy will be awarded to candidates who have demonstrated competency in the WSQ Digital Marketing Strategy Assessment and achieved at least 75% attendance.


Basic computer knowledge.

Each participant will be provided a windows laptop for the duration of the course. Participants may however opt to bring their own laptops.


Translate Digital Marketing to Business

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Ice-breaker)

▷ Define digital marketing
▷ Where digital marketing fits within an organisational structure
▷ Overview of the digital marketing strategy process

Derive Digital Marketing KPIs and Metrics from Marketing Objectives

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Role-play, Group Discussion, Group Presentation)

▷ What are digital marketing KPIs?
▷ Digital marketing KPIs vs metrics
▷ Overview of common digital marketing metrics
▷ How to define SMART digital marketing KPIs
▷ Relationship between marketing objectives, KPIs, and metrics

Understand Customers and the Market

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Role-play, Demonstration and Modelling, Group Discussion, Group Presentation)

▷ Research your customer personas (buyer personas)
▷ How to conduct competitive market analysis and top considerations
▷ Recommended digital marketing tools to perform market research
▷ Overview of SWOT analysis (drivers)

Digital Marketing Channels and Touchpoints

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Role-play, Group Brainstorming, Group Discussion, Group Presentation)

▷ Overview of digital marketing channels and consumer journey touchpoints
▷ How to select the right digital marketing channels that align to your marketing objectives
▷ Mapping digital marketing channels to buying funnel and consumer touchpoints
▷ Relationship between website and digital channels (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Content, Display, Digital PR)

Develop a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, case study with activity sheet, role-playing, group discussion and group presentation)

▷ Understand the elements that support the development of action plans
▷ Draft action plans from integrated elements
▷ Develop a strategic digital marketing plan

Implement Digital Marketing Campaign

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Role-play, Demonstration and Modelling, Practical, Group Brainstorming, Group Discussion, Group Presentation)

▷ Develop campaign brief and media plan
▷ Implement campaign URL builder to track user journey pathways from digital channels to website
▷ Important questions to ask before engaging a digital marketing agency
▷ How to manage digital marketing agencies

Evaluate and Optimise

Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Lecture, Case Study, Demonstration and Modelling, Class Discussion)

▷ How to analyse and interpret digital marketing reports
▷ How to measure and calculate digital marketing ROI
▷ A/B testing methods
▷ Continuous optimisation process

Assessment Component

▷ Individual Project Work
▷ Case study (Written Assessment)


In this Digital Marketing Strategy course, participants will learn:


By the end of the class, participants will:

  • Be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the concept of digital marketing, features of various digital marketing channels, and market strategy
  • Gain actionable insights on the latest digital marketing trends and various digital marketing channel strategies in both B2B and B2C contexts
  • Be able to select appropriate digital marketing channels based on the marketing strategy
  • Be able to develop a digital marketing strategy and create roadmaps for campaign implementation to achieve business and marketing objectives
  • Be able to review performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy



What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a blueprint or masterplan to achieve your marketing objectives which involves determining digital marketing key performance indicators, selecting appropriate digital marketing channels, evaluating both traditional and digital marketing performance to improve return on investment, and more.

Why do I need a digital marketing strategy?

You need a digital marketing strategy if:

  • You find yourself unclear over which digital marketing channels you should focus your marketing efforts and budgets on
  • You are hiring a digital marketing agency, managing an in-house digital team or just a one-man show and require proper processes in place to achieve your objectives
  • You are unsure how to evaluate performance and allocate the right budgets to the better performing marketing channels
  • Your customers are spending most of their time on digital devices and your competitors have a strong digital presence
  • Sales and profits have dropped and you need more cost-effective methods to boost your business

This course provides comprehensive frameworks, proven strategies, and action plans to address the above issues and more.

How is this course different from other digital marketing courses in the market?

This course provides you with bite-sized, yet comprehensive and actionable digital marketing strategies and tactics that you can implement right after the course. Unlike other Diploma and certification courses, which are packed with assignments and require long-term time commitment, you can get a taste of what digital marketing is all about in two days. From this course, you can then branch out to specialist courses such as Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Digital Analytics, and other specialist digital marketing courses.

At Equinet Academy, we are committed delivering quality training:

  • We provide you with life-time access to up-to-date course materials (learner’s guide, slides, templates, and other training resources) which you can still access after the training via the learning portal.
  • You will not sit through hours and hours of dry and tormenting lecture. Instead, you will experience fun and engaging sessions as we apply instructional design learning methodologies such as group discussions, group project work, case studies, interactive quizzes, and hands-on implementation of the concepts learnt.
  • You will be guided by an experienced professional in the field of digital marketing, who will be able to provide you with actionable advice and costly mistakes to avoid, thus shortening your learning curve.
  • You will be provided with additional support after attending the course.
Can't I learn everything online?

No doubt there are tons of free information online – free tutorials, guides, and online courses that you can gain useful knowledge from. However, the intangible benefits of attending face to face training include real time consultation with an industry expert, peer to peer learning and interaction, and hands-on practical learning sessions. This will enable you to take away actionable strategies you can implement right after the training.

To aid you in your learning journey after the course, we also provide post-training support and lifetime access to the course resource library online via our learning portal.

If I have specific questions relating to my digital marketing campaigns, can I consult the trainer?

Yes. You may consult the trainer during class and after class. Signing up for this course gains you access to post-training support.

Do I have to prepare anything before attending the course?

Course materials, a Windows laptop, and WIFI connection will be provided. You may wish to bring a notebook to take notes and a jacket as the room may be cold.




Are there any funding or government subsidies for this course?

Yes, please see fees and funding section or use the funding calculator tool.

How do I sign up?

Simply click here to sign up for this course via the online course registration form.

Once we have received your registration details and payment, we will send you instructions on how to apply/claim funding (if eligible) via email.

Upon completion of payment and funding applications, your seat will be confirmed and we will see you in class!

I'm still unsure whether this course can help me meet my objectives.

If you’re unsure which courses can best help you meet your objectives, you may want to check out our Course Selection Diagnostic Tool and answer 3 questions to determine a suitable course for your needs.

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