Part-Time Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Learn to code at a pace that works with your schedule

A part-time course designed for working professionals

Learn to code over the course of 26 weeks

Our part-time full stack development course was designed for working women and TGNC individuals, who’d like to learn how to code, but cannot commit to our full-time program. Students meet twice a week and carry out remote work 1-2 Saturdays a month. This course is offered in-person or fully remote.

Conceptual Scaffolding

Rather than targeting a single framework or technology, our learning objectives are applicable within a wide range of engineering and programming contexts.


We believe in process-based learning. Our instructors live-code their lectures so that students can experience professional problem-solving in action.

Formative Feedback Strategies

We’ve found that ongoing, targeted feedback is the key component to student success. We offer daily solution lectures, one-on-one code reviews, and weekly progress assessments.

Ongoing Mentorship

Our courses come with a network of supportive professionals. In addition to individualized feedback, our mentors provide career coaching and training in soft skills.

Full Stack Development Bootcamp

An entry-level program to advanced your technical career

Our Flagship Program

CodeOp’s part-time Full Stack Development bootcamp prepares students for careers as entry-level software developers. In the early weeks of the course, students learn programming fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and advanced JavaScript. Students then develop complete applications using the latest technologies, some of which include Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Agile methodologies and Heroku. The final weeks have a dual focus, with students developing full-stack applications from scratch while also undergoing extensive career preparation.


Sept 7 – March 6

April 13 – October 10
October 12 – April 3

Kuala Lumpur

April 11 to October 10

Meet an Instructor

If we had to put a weight on the quality of your educational experience, we’d put the majority on your instructor.

Download Our Course Guide

We put together a 15-page guide that delves into our pedagogy, course logic and structure. It’s a good place to start if you’d like to learn more about us.

Scope and Sequence

Three modules to iterate over your knowledge base.

Module I

Theoretical Foundations

What: Develop problem-solving abilities; enhance concept retention.
How: Scaffolded lectures and activities; live-coded reviews; weekly assessments.

Module II

Project Phase

What: Create user design flows and database schema; develop several full-stack applications.
How: Iterative group work and hands-on learning through projects.

Module III

Career Preparation

What: Prepare to enter the technical workforce.
How: Whiteboarding; technical improvisations; flash lectures; pitch-coaching; mock technical interviews (both virtual and live).

Daily Course Breakdown

Two evenings a week, with 1 to 2 remote Saturdays a month.

18:30PM – 19:00PM

Problem-Solving Challenge

19:00PM – 19:30PM

19:30PM – 20:30PM

20:30PM – 21:30PM

18:30PM – 19:30PM

Coding Challenge

19:00PM – 19:30PM

19:30PM – 21:00PM

Block I: Career Coaching


Tackling the Impostor Syndrome
LinkedIn SE0
Using LaTeX
Negotiating Strategies
Personal Branding

Block II: Practical Training

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Our full stack development bootcamp students go from knowing nothing about code, to learning how to build full stack apps like this.

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