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Learn the intermediate programming concepts you’ll need to get into a top coding bootcamp.

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Success starts with preparation


Bootcamp Prep takes candidates who already have experience with code to the next level of programming. It covers the specific coding and JavaScript concepts you’ll need to know to pass the official Fullstack and Grace Hopper assessment and go on to succeed in bootcamp.

To make sure you’re ready to succeed in Bootcamp Prep, take the practice test below. A score of 6 or higher means you’re ready to sign up, while 5 or lower means you need a handle on the basics first.

Students who complete a Bootcamp Prepcourse are on average

2.5 x

more likely to be accepted in a Fullstack Academy programthan are students who don’t take Bootcamp Prep.*

* Varies by class

Choose the right schedule for you

We offer three different versions of this course: week-long, month-long, and self-paced. All three options teach the same curriculum and include the same amount of instructional time but move at different paces and offer different learning environments.

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Prep in a Week

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Prep in a Month

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Prep Online


Live Instruction
(Either in-person or remote)

Week-long immersive

Live Instruction
(Either in-person or remote)

4 nights a week for 3.5 weeks

Online course taught by Fullstack
founders David and Nimit!

Takes about 40 hours to complete

Schedule Sat-Sun (10 AM to 5 PM)
Mon-Thu (6:40 PM to 9:40 PM)
Sat-Sun (10 AM to 5 PM)
6:40 PM to 9:40 PM
Learning Environment Accelerated instruction Instruction at a moderate pace Instruction at your own pace
Group learning in a bootcamp setting Group learning in a traditional class setting Individualized learning in your own environment
Real-time help from Fullstack experts Real-time help from Fullstack experts Lecture and solution videos, plus related coding challenges
Price $100 $100 $100

What you’ll learn


The curriculum for Bootcamp Prep includes lectures, workshops, pair programming, coding challenges, and a culminating project–many of the same elements you’ll find in our immersive programs, which is why Bootcamp Prep is great practice for ultimately enrolling in a coding bootcamp.


All of our Bootcamp Prep courses (especially Prep In a Week) are demanding and intense. They are not for true beginners (anyone who has never written any code before) and we recommend them only for those who are actually considering attending a coding bootcamp like Fullstack Academy or Grace Hopper Program.


Defining and invoking functions


Data types


Control flow, truthy/falsey, and loops




Multidimensional arrays and nested loops



Bootcamp Prep Online istaught by Our Founder


How many bootcamp founders do you know who still teach regularly?

When you take Bootcamp Prep Online, you’ll be taught by Fullstack Developer Experts, who each have more than 7 years’ worth of programming experience.

They worked together at Yahoo, built an educational games company with millions of players, co-founded and sold tech start-ups—and are now on your screen, teaching you to code… and sneaking in a dad joke or two.

Student Reviews

Instructors are amazing and very helpful! I would recommend this course to all my friends.

Sandy Mak

Getting to do pair programming with other beginners gave me tons of confidence even though I was definitely one of the most beginner beginners in the class. AND, not to mention, I was able to get into Grace Hopper about three weeks after the course was over, something I was not sure I was ready for at all prior to taking the course!

Annalee Switek

The Bootcamp Prep program was exactly what I needed in order to pass the Fullstack entrance exam. It was not only informative but enjoyable.

Michael Romani

The deeper sense of understanding JavaScript that I received from the Bootcamp Prep course allowed me to approach my application and interview process with confidence.

Shannon Kendall

Pre-work for Prep in a Week and Prep in a Month


Once you’ve taken the practice test, confirmed Bootcamp Prep is right for you, and enrolled, you’ll get access to some pre-work. It takes about 10 hours to complete.

It includes 5 lecture videos and several coding challenges, plus solution videos to help you understand the answer to each challenge.

All students are asked to complete this pre-work before the first day of class. It will prepare you to succeed in class–or reveal that you aren’t at the right level for Bootcamp Prep and need to request a refund before class actually begins.


Questions? Email us at

Upcoming start dates:

Prep in a Week


FEB 8TH [1]
FEB 29TH [2]
MAR 21ST [2]
Remote (Live)
Jakarta Time

NOTE: Sales for Prep in a Week and Prep in a Month close 2 days before class starts. This gives us time to process enrollments and gives you time to complete your 10 hours of pre-work.

Prep in a Month


FEB 5TH [1]
MAR 9TH [2]
Remote (Live)
Jakarta Time


1) If you take this course, then you’ll be able to apply for an Immersive program that starts on April 20th (so you would start the Foundations program on March 13th).

2) If you take this course, then you’ll be able to apply for an Immersive program that starts on June 15th (so you would start the Foundations program on May 8th).