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Fundamentals of Web Development 

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* Until further notice, all of our courses will be delivered online.

This course is focused entirely on equipping you with tools that apply directly to professional web development. By the end of 6 weeks, you’ll be creating beautiful apps and understanding web development fundamentals for both front and back end. If you’re interested in learning to code, communicating with your dev team, understanding how to create an MVP or gaining valuable career skills, this course is for you.


New to coding? Our Intro to Web Development course is perfect for you. In 6 weeks, you’ll go from no coding experience to building beautiful, functional apps.

Coding Newbies

This course is designed to whet your appetite for learning to code. If you are curious about how apps are created and want to learn to build, this course is right up your alley!

Entrepreneurs & Ideators

Have a great idea that you want to bring to life? Trying to build an MVP? Get an understanding of how to make it work!

Professional Development

So you work with developers and want to be able to speak their language? We’ll help you learn to effectively communicate your ideas and understand your dev team’s limitations.

Future Bootcamp Students

Unsure about taking our Bootcamp? If you can’t decide if you will enjoy programming as a career, or if you’ve never coded before, what better way to figure it out than to try it hands on.


Web Development 101

What does all that code mean? Have the intricacies explained in a way that informs and empowers you.


The hottest coding language that powers popular sites like Shopify, GitHub, Basecamp and YellowPages.


HTTP is the language your browser uses to request data from the web. Learn to make it work for you!


Learn to create gorgeous, responsive web pages and captivate audiences using HTML5 and CSS3.


GitHub is used by the top 40% of developers around the world. You’ll take advantage of GitHub to show off and track the progress of the projects you create.

Sinatra Web Framework

Used by thousands of sites around the world, Sinatra is a flexible, lightweight framework for building web applications. We show you how to use it to your benefit.


Classes will be focused on building your coding knowledge with languages such as Ruby, HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as Sinatra. You will get introduced to the control flow of programs, as well as develop an understanding of how web apps are assembled. Talented developers from your community will mentor you throughout the course!

WEEK 1 & 2 Web Programming with HTML & CSS

Get introduced to object oriented programming with ruby. Learn the foundation languages of the web: HTML & CSS. Our instructors will teach you how a browser understands a web page, and allow you to start building your own.



  • HTTP
  • HTML & CSS
  • GitHub
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Ruby
WEEK 3 & 4 Web Development With Ruby & Sinatra

It’s not enough to understand how your browser looks at a web page. You’ll learn how the server side of building a web application works. Using the powerful, yet easy to learn Ruby programming language, you’ll learn the principles of working with data and the techniques that professional developers use to structure their applications.



  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP) with Ruby
  • Sinatra
  • Server-side routing & HTTP
  • Embedded Ruby in HTML (ERB)
WEEK 5 & 6 Deploying your first app

In the final section of the course, you’ll put the finishing touches on your very own web application, and deploy it so your friends and family can see what you’ve created. We’ll then show you what else is out there and how to take your new skills to the next level.



    • RubyGems & Bundler
    • ActiveRecord & SQL
    • Relational Databases

Check out our full course curriculum here.

Conceptual Scaffolding

Rather than targeting a single framework or technology, our learning objectives are applicable within a wide range of engineering and programming contexts.


We believe in process-based learning. Our instructors live-code their lectures so that students can experience professional problem-solving in action.

Formative Feedback Strategies

We’ve found that ongoing, targeted feedback is the key component to student success. We offer daily solution lectures, one-on-one code reviews, and weekly progress assessments.

Ongoing Mentorship

Our courses come with a network of supportive professionals. In addition to individualized feedback, our mentors provide career coaching and training in soft skills.


Which should I take: the Intro course or the Bootcamp?

Ask yourself: “Do I want to work as a professional developer?”

If the answer is ‘yes’, then there is no question that the full-time development bootcamp is the program you need.

The goal of our bootcamp is to transform you into a professional full-stack developer. You’ll come to understand coding logic, and learn how to think like a dev by building software from the ground up using industry-relevant technologies. Our program will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first junior developer role.

If the answer is ‘not sure’, taking our part-time course might be the best option.

Our Intro to Web Development, Front End Fundamentals with JavaScript & iOS Development courses are excellent for:

  • People interested in learning how to code
  • People interested in learning how to communicate with a development team
  • People looking to gain career skills to help in a hybrid role
  • People interested in learning if they enjoy development before taking our Bootcamp

You can read more on the subject in our blog post: Full-time vs. Part-time: Which Program Is For Me?

How often do you run cohorts and how do I apply?

Our bootcamps run year round, on a rolling basis. In Jakarta they starts every 4 weeks. Our part-time courses run every 6-12 weeks.

You can see all upcoming start dates when submitting your application!

What’s the difference between the Intro to Web Development and Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course?

Think about it this way, the Intro to Web Development course covers the breadth of Web Development including both front-end and back-end, while the Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course deals solely in front-end development in greater depth. If you want to get a good understanding of how teams web technologies work and gain a better way to communicate with developers, then take the Intro to Web Development Course. However, if you want to learn more front-end skills like learning how to style websites and gain a more practical skillset, then the Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course should be your pick.

There is no right or wrong choice but they provide different outcomes based on what you are looking to gain out of the course.

Do you offer corporate training?

Yes! Many organizations have sent their employees to us to upgrade their technical skills.

Our Intro to Web Development courses are fantastic for people looking to gain a technical knowledge of development that can help when communicating with a dev team, managing development projects, understanding technical limitations, or transitioning into a hybrid development role.

Our Web Development Bootcamps can train someone with zero coding experience, into an agile developer in 10 weeks. This is a great option if you love your company but are looking for a career change, if you are currently a developer but need to learn new technologies, or if you’re a founder looking to have more control over your the development of your product.

We can also build custom curriculum for your organization. If you need niche technical or development training for your team, please get in touch via