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Premium digital skills training for the future of work.

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The technical skills gap in today’s world is massive and it continues to grow.


We started Codeva in 2015 to close this gap and give people the in-demand technical skills that aren’t taught in traditional 4-year college programs.

We started humbly by teaching digital skills to 25 students in a jakarta classroom. Very quickly we expanded to teach hundreds of students at places like Bandung and Surabaya.

Our in-person teaching experience helped us fundamentally understand how people learn technical skills. Before we even thought about building an online learning platform, we refined the Codeva teaching style for almost a year, constantly adapting our curriculum in the classroom.

We’ve grown up a lot since those early days. But we still draw from our in-classroom lessons to constantly improve our curriculum and learning experience.

At its core, Codeva simply gives you knowledge in a personal way that makes things click and stick. We call that our personal and smart learning experience.

Digital Skills Training for
the 21st Century

Codeva is the global leader in digital skills training, empowering businesses and brands to succeed in the digital age.

Established in 2015, Codeva has worked with over 35 instructors from the most innovative companies, developing cutting-edge, real-world digital education that has empowered more than 7500 professionals and some of the largest corporations in the world.

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Professionals Trained


Industry Instructors


Enterprise Clients

Why Codeva?

World-class instructors

Our cutting-edge curriculum is developed and taught by the world’s best digital experts and professionals.

A hands-on approach

Our classes offer a project-based learning environment, emphasizing collaboration and immediate feedback.

An unmatched network

Gain access to a vibrant community of more than 7500 professionals around the world.

Cutting-Edge Digital Skills

Codeva offers a full spectrum of cutting-edge digital learning, giving professionals and organizations of all sizes the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.

Every Codeva student is required to

show 100% mastery of the material

and have a 95% live class attendance

to graduate.

A bar as high as your

hiring standards

Codeva has a rigorous application process and only accepts 7% of applicants to each cohort, helping to ensure that every student has the grit.

“The selective admissions process means that all

Codeva students are the type of hire everyone

wants in their organizations – someone who is

motivated, eager, and passionate.”


John Tan, Head of Recruiting at Ernst & Young


To enable the pursuit of a better life through education.

Education should be the best investment you make in your future—and at Codeva School, we’re committed to helping you learn the skills you need to change yours for the better. We provide the skills, community, and immersive, outcomes-driven curriculum you need to launch a career in Software Engineering, Data Science, or UX/UI Design.

Codeva School was founded in 2015 by a venture capitalist with a passion for education, a self-taught computer programmer committed to helping his students learn and love code. They came together with a shared mission: to create an alternative education model that provided students with the 21st century tech skills necessary to succeed in a booming tech world, with success tied directly to getting students jobs as software engineers. Alongside a scrappy community of students eager for a new way of learning.

And we’ve proven that this model can work – with nearly all job-seeking graduates  across our programs beginning fulfilling careers at leading companies. With the launch of our Income Share Agreement (more information here), we’ve sought to break down the high-cost barrier to entry that comes with traditional four-year degrees. 

Technology is reshaping the way we learn, study, and work, and Codeva School is proud to be at the forefront of this change. And, we’re just getting started.


Avi Sahara

Co-Founder & Dean


Avi has changed thousands of lives by teaching students – with little to no experience – to code and actually launch careers as developers. A self-taught programming prodigy and CTO-by-30, Avi is passionate about helping people learn to love code.

Millenia Annette

Vice Presidents

With over ten years as a director at Kaplan under her belt, Millenia brings a wealth of experience and positivity to Codeva, helping usher future developers through our admissions process as they start their journey toward a new career.


We’re a mission-driven organization committed to helping others change their careers, their futures, and the world. Here’s what we believe.

Make No Little Plans

We’ve got big plans — and we’re here to change things. At Codeva School, we knock down barriers, facilitate entry into tech, and teach 21st-century tech skills to people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels around the world.

Radiate Positivity

Be nice, have fun, do what you love — and inspire others around you to do the same.

Pursue Mastery

Always be learning — actively seek and embrace feedback.