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About Our Grads


Codeva only accepts the top 30 applicants per academic program at each of our campuses. Successful applicants must be committed to transforming their career and capable of thriving in a fast-paced, collaborative learning environment. Once accepted, students will complete 12 weeks of intensive training, with over 500 hours of collaborative, project-based work, ensuring they are ready to step right into a new digital role.

Masters of JavaScript

Trained extensively in web development, our graduates are skilled front- and back-end developers, ready to make impactful contributions on any project.

Stand-outs Only

Only 10% of applicants are accepted. Codeva must pass behavioral and technical interviews, as well as a rigorous coding assessment.

Impressive Portfolios

All codeva make impressive apps and have varied portfolios of open-source contributions. Attend our next Hiring Day to see for yourself!


Tried and Tested Candidates

A first-class workforce begins with great people

More than a Job

Our students love to code and they love to create. You won’t find more passionate programmers anywhere in the world.

Social Programmers

Codeva student write thousands of lines of code individually and in groups – They know how to work productively on a team.

Problem Solvers

With the experience that our students gain from writing original apps and programs, they learn to deconstruct and debug code.

Creativity is Key

Codeva students are top-notch programmers, but take a look at their projects and see just how innovative and artistic they can be.

The Best Candidates For You

Codeva is your most reliable talent pipeline. To facilitate compatability, we’ve developed a unique pairing algorithm to match students with ideal companies and vice-versa.

Hyper-Relevant Curriculum

Codeva Students have a singular focus for weeks: to learn the latest web-development technologies at the highest-level. Take a closer look at our dynamic, state-of-the-art curriculum.

“Resumes don’t tell the whole story. They

never have and never will. The hiring event

allows employers to connect with the true

personalities & talents behind the

computer screens in a relaxed no pressure


Our Hiring Partners

Codeva has partnered with the most innovative organizations and industry leaders in the world to define digital skills training for the future of work. This network of partnerships connects graduates across Jakarta with cutting-edge companies looking to hire top emerging digital talent.

Why Hire Codeva Talent?

Codeva’s full-time academic programs combine academic rigour with practical, real-world applications. Codeva graduates are now employed at some of the most innovative companies in the world. Here’s why:

Trained by Experts

Codeva graduates have been taught and mentored by experienced professionals currently working in the industry. This enables students to develop their skills based on the standard of work required in the field.

Real Project Experience

Codeva uses a project-based learning model to replicate an agile work environment, ensuring that graduates develop a portfolio of completed projects based on real business problems.

Cutting-edge Skills

Codeva curriculum is updated in real time by subject-matter experts, guaranteeing that graduates gain hands-on experience with the latest concepts and tools.

Get Involved

As a Hiring Partner, you will have exclusive access to Codeva’s academic program graduates through events like Demo Day, Codeva’s graduate project showcase.

Recruit Codeva graduates through a number of networking opportunities including Demo Day, tech tours, mock interviews and power hours.

Demo Day

Designed to connect graduates with cutting-edge companies, Demo Day is an opportunity for our full-time students to demo their final projects to hiring partners.

Tech Tours

Tech Tours give your organization the opportunity to present your company culture and values to a captive audience of talent, providing insight into what you look for in an ideal candidate.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews give your organization the chance to conduct a technical interview with students, allowing you to connect with candidates as they prepare for the job search and interview process.

Power Hours

Power hours are an intimate networking opportunity that enable your organization to identify high-potential candidates even before they complete the diploma program.


Our Profiles platform allows you to discover the talented, motivated Codeva graduates ready to help drive your business forward.

Big Picture

Graduates of our Immersive courses create and manage personal pages that tell their professional stories, highlighted by their past experience, skills, and projects helping to provide a rounded image of potential job candidates.

Search Functional

Filter by skills, location, graduation date, course, desired position and more, so you can quickly find the right talent for the job.

Free To Hire

Codeva’s number one goal is to help our students find work they love. No placement fees or costs to post a job.