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Building a diverse, inclusive tech community— together

You’re capable of breakthroughs — whether it’s finding your true calling with a new career or tearing down barriers to build something amazing. Even if you’re financially strained, part of an underrepresented community, or intimidated by the thought of launching a new career, the truth is: You have the potential.

As a springboard for economic mobility and personal affirmation, Codeva is committed to helping you leverage your potential to build a future you’ll love — for yourself, the tech industry, and the world.

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Current scholarships and diversity initiatives

You could be eligible for one of the programs listed below. Whether it’s with a partner or through our own initiatives, we’re committed to making a life-changing education accessible.
Spirit of Tech Scholarship

Codeva full scholarship enables students to enroll for $0 upfront.

DataCraft Scholarship

Our partnership with Datacraft awards Rp 2B in full scholarships to the next 100 tech innovators.

A commitment to

Everyone benefits from an industry as influential as tech. Our community needs to be representative of the world around us. To date, we’ve helped over 1000 people break into tech through scholarships and initiatives. 

Over Rp 16B in scholarships

We’ve awarded over Rp 16B in scholarships for people breaking into tech — and this number will grow with our Scholarship.

An inclusive community

Online and on campus, we foster a supportive comunity where students can thrive.

Inspiring industry wide change

We model the tech culture we want to see; our students carry that with them as they launch careers.

Our partners

We partner with industry leading companies, institutions, and community partners to rethink education and increase diversity in tech.