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The Codeva Difference


Discover how our rigorous, best-in-class course will transform your career.

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Real-World Portfolio Projects

Graduate with a polished capstone project, applying digital marketing techniques to identify and overcome a real-world growth challenge. Craft an end-to-end, multichannel campaign and deliver a compelling presentation to share your insights.

Individualized Instructor Support

Get guidance, feedback, and more from experts who are dedicated to supporting your learning and career goals. Instructors are on hand in class and during office hours to offer real-time support and help you turn ideas into action.

Global Network of 2K+ Alumni

Create connections with peers that last well beyond your time in the classroom. As part of the Codeva alumni community, you’ll gain access to networking events and workshops to keep evolving your career for years to come.

Inside Our Best-in-Class


Designed With a Focus on Real-World 

Concentrate on the most important tools for executing digital marketing strategies on the job. Codeva’s digital marketing advisory board curates the best practices and innovative teaching approaches of our entire expert network to meet evolving employer demands. Its work ensures that students graduate ready to tackle the challenges they’ll face in the field.

Build Campaigns That Fuel Business and 
Amplify Brands

This digital marketing course is designed for students with a range of professional experiences — including beginners. Its curriculum takes a deep dive into the essential channels and tactics behind effective campaigns. Get hands-on experience with social media, search strategy, conversion optimization, Google Analytics, and more.

Get a Head Start With Self-Paced Prep 

Once you enroll, we’ll assign you a brief onboarding task to introduce the digital marketing landscape, objective-first marketing, and the conversion funnel. Then, throughout the course, you’ll complete a series of online preparatory lessons before each session to get up to speed with the in-class topic and make the most of peer collaboration time.

Demand for digital marketing skills grew 92% in 5 years. Growth in digital-focused jobs outpaced overall marketing roles by 30%.

Get the Skills Today’s Employers Demand

Gain essential fluency to succeed as a marketer in the digital age. Growth-minded professionals and entrepreneurs can leverage versatile skills to execute digital marketing campaigns, win customers, and collaborate with agencies.

Tap Into a Valuable Professional Network

Form real connections that can change the course of your career. Meet practitioners and peers who can help you succeed through our global alumni network. Graduate with an industry-recognized Codeva certificate, and join an exclusive community.

Let Your Employer Foot the Bill

More than 45% of our part-time students receive tuition reimbursement from their companies — you could, too. We can send you an employer sponsorship package to show your manager the advantages of learning with Codeva.

Learn on a Schedule Designed for Busy Professionals

Learn for weeks in the evenings, or dive into in-depth study with our 1-week, accelerated course. You can join us at one of our campuses or take part in one of our online courses — wherever you’re based — via the Remote classroom.

“Getting exposure and time with our instructor and classmates meant we could get to know other industries and how they approach marketing problems. This course gave me the confidence in my decision to move into marketing.”

Digital Marketing Manager, The Iconic
Kiki Setiaji, Codeva Graduate

Graduate With a Professional Portfolio: Sample Projects


Alegre, creatives and marketing manager at KompacPlus, compiled a plan to increase brand awareness in Malaysia by boosting email subscriptions. Tactics include paid search and social media marketing, a dedicated landing page, and iterative A/B testing.

Morgan Art

Ly, account executive at Havas Health & You, helped a Boston-based artist solicit commissions and consultations by building regional brand awareness. His recommendations include tactics for content, organic search, and social media marketing.

Pinx Catering

Mekonnen, a growth marketing manager at ARC Document Solutions, focused on optimizing Pinx Catering’s web presence. Her plan includes social media tactics across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram marketing as well as paid search and SEO.