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Data Science:
The Codeva Difference

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Build a standout portfolio with real projects


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Prepare for a career as a Data Scientist

Codeva’s Data Science course is an immersive, project-based learning experience, designed to transform your skillset and launch a new career in data.

The program’s curriculum is challenging, comprehensive, and constantly updated, ensuring you are always learning the most in-demand data science skills, techniques, and tools.
Led by Educators with experience in the field, you will develop and work on real-world data problems, building a standout portfolio of completed projects.

By program’s end, you will have the skills, experience, and confidence needed to dive into a career in data.



Employed graduates working in-field

within 40 days of graduation



Preparing You for Your career

Build Your Portfolio

As part of the program, you will build a portfolio of completed marketing projects and tasks, showcasing the skills you have developed.

Prepare for Interviews

As part of the program, you will build a portfolio of completed marketing projects and tasks, showcasing the skills you have developed.

Gain Access to the Industry

You will have the chance to build meaningful connections, with visits to local tech companies, and complimentary access to meetups, networking events, and career fairs.

Receive Career Path Guidance

Our Student Success Team will work closely with you throughout your student journey, helping you set goals and ensuring you’re on track to meet them.

Data Science Course Overview

Uncover New Insights From Data sets

In this Data Science course, use leading methods, including categorization and regression, to analyze large data sets and generate information from disparate data.

Make Data-Driven Predictions

Learn how to build categorical and numerical models that can predict results before they happen.

Generate Striking Data Visualization

Effectively communicate the results of your analysis by building powerful visualizations in Python Packages.

What You’ll Learn

Programming for Data Science

Learn to program with Python, one of the most popular programming languages used for data science applications. Understand fundamental components of programming, including data types, structures, and how to import and use various packages.

Cleaning and Analyzing Data

Use Python to import, clean, manipulate, and analyze various types of data. Draw insights, develop a hypothesis, and begin running experiments to test your assumptions.

Data Modeling

Using real data problems encountered in the field, you will learn to build linear models for numerical data and categorical models for non-numerical types of data.

Visualization and Presentation of Data

Using Python packages, you will construct visualizations that can help tell a story with your analyses and predictions. You will then practice presenting these insights.