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Why Do Top Start-Ups Hire Codeva Grads?

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What Sets Our Employment Partnerships Apart?

Elite Candidates


Prospective students must have prior coding ability. On average, 10% are accepted. Our students complete a rigorous 300-hour curriculum. Only engineers who pass our intense and challenging course enter our talent pool.



We take the time to understand how you define the ideal candidate, both technically and culturally. We actively market your role and curate small batches of top candidates. We promote brand awareness within our student & alumni body with custom events.

Access to Senior


Gain access not just to new graduates but also our robust alumni network. Meet candidates with live production experience ranging from 0-5 years. Our talent pool can serve you with a range of experience levels in front end, back end, and full stack specializations.

What our graduates will bring to your business


Our accomplished students have a range of up-to-date skills. Their hands-on course experience and comprehensive portfolios make them industry.

Fresh technologies

Our students have learned the relevant programming languages and techniques that you need from leading industry practitioners.


Our students have the credentials you look for. 

Effective working

Students receive training in data management, presentation and Agile working.

Languages and programs

Students learn up-to-date languages and programs such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Django, Mongo, SQL, and GIT.

Full experience

Students also have experience in server development and testing methodologies across the full development stack.




Hiring Partners



Our Grads Work at Amazing Companies

Why should you hire from Codeva Academy?

Codeva Academy’s mission is to empower people to change their lives by tying our success to theirs. This means students only pay us once they get a job they love. This reflects our confidence in the curriculum, the investment we make in our students, and the selectiveness of our admissions process.

Quality Candidates

Our 3% admissions rate makes us the most selective bootcamp- we select only the highest caliber of students through a rigorous screening process. The unique selection process and effective student targeting provides a diverse student cohort.

Exceptional Results

Codeva has some of the best placement rates across the industry. We’ve developed our curriculum based on detailed research of the skills companies are looking for in software engineers. We don’t just teach students theory, but how to actually code and problem-solve, so they can ramp-up quickly and hit the ground running as a software engineer wherever they go.

Curated To Your Needs

Once you choose to partner with us, we take the time to understand your requirements and then recommend specific graduates that might be the best fit for your needs (technically and culturally). Our curriculum is developed based on the skills companies are looking for in software engineers.

“Codeva Academy students are consistently strong coders and communicators.”


“We’ve hired numerous folks who have brought a diverse mindset to our engineering team, and we look forward to a continued partnership for Wayfair’s hiring needs.”

– Campus Recruiter at JobStreet

Why should you hire from Codeva Academy?

Recruiting for, and acquiring stellar engineering talent is expensive. Partner with Codeva Academy for all of your hiring needs at no cost.

Hire individual talent

Tell us about your open roles and requirements, and we will source the right candidates for you.

Participate in recruiting events

Attend events organized at our campus to meet skilled developers and interview them on the spot.

Sponsor and recruit diverse talent

Identify diverse, rising stars from our programs. Sponsor their education and eventually bring them onto your teams


 “They’re learning technologies that are very relevant to our clients. We find that college graduates are more focused on the theory, whereas in Codeva, they’re more focused on the practicalities

and have hands on experience”

James Ryan, Accenture