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WordPress Web Design And Landing Page Anatomy

Online / Offline (3 Hari)


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WordPress Web Design


Landing Page Anatomy

Core ProWorkshop

About the program

The Best Professional WordPress Classes in Jakarta
Available online classes only IDR 1 million IDR 500 thousand rupiah. For those who register today.

Professional WordPress Classes at Wahyu Studio

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is open source. In short, WordPress is a piece of software that makes it easy for you to create websites and manage content online.

Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and is widely used for creating online stores. More than 25% of websites on the internet are made with WordPress. Some of the biggest and most prominent websites in the world use WordPress, including Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, The New York Time and others.

Why is WordPress popular?

One of the reasons why WordPress is very popular and widely used is because the manufacturing process is very easy, as I stated earlier. Even people who are just learning or are familiar with computers can create WordPress-based websites in no time. In addition there are also free WordPress so that many people use it.
Most online stores and famous websites use WordPress because it has many advantages when compared to blogspot or other.

Some of the advantages of having a website with WordPress include:

With WordPress, we don’t need to build a website from scratch so you can save time and effort.
WordPress can be modified freely and without limits according to your needs both in appearance and features.

Many themes and plugins are available in WordPress so that you can change the appearance and add features even though you don’t know anything about programming because in your WordPress course class you will be guided to successfully build the website of your dreams.

The learning process is very easy even for those who are not computer proficient though, the WordPress Course class will teach you to build a website with a well-organized curriculum.

WordPress continues to be developed and updated by millions of programmers in the world so that it always becomes the foremost when compared to blogspot and others.

WordPress has the largest user community. If you have difficulty or want to know the latest issues about WodPress features, you can find the answers easily on the internet, especially if you join a WordPress course class. You can ask both the mentor and fellow class participants if you have difficulties or about the features in WordPress.

At first, WordPress was only used to create a blog, but now WordPress is also often used as a website with other functions, such as community sites, buying and selling, directories, portfolios, company profiles, and others.

For those of you, both beginners and those who are already familiar with WordPress, can take WordPress classes. For beginners, they will be guided from the basic level to the advanced level. For those who already have WordPress and want to improve their abilities, you can also take this WordPress course class. In addition to complete and direct practice modules, the advantage of our WordPress course classes is to provide experienced mentors and guaranteed mentoring until success. There is also free time to consult for participants who need it.

What websites can you make using WordPress?

1. Blog and Personal Website
You can create a blog using WordPress, either or, the difference between the two is if is free while is paid. If you are already familiar with using free WordPress and start needing more features, you can migrate to paid

2. Company Website

Apart from blogs, you can also create company websites using WordPress. The company’s website is useful for building your company’s credibility in cyberspace. According to Verisign 84% of consumers have more confidence in businesses that have websites than businesses that only have social media pages. By having a website you can make consumers trust the company that you have more than those who don’t have a website. Your company can be searched by search engines on the internet so that it can invite potential customers even far outside where your company is located.

3. Online Store Website

In order for you to create an online store, you must use After that you can install the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store website. The rest of the WordPress course classes will help you realize the online store as expected.


In this 3-day WordPress Website Creation Course, you will learn:


By the end of the class, participants will be able to :


1 free refresher seat within 1 year after the course
Seats are non-participatory. Participatory seats are subject to availability.


Up to 3 complimentary followup sessions and after-training support
Access to mentor via short live group consultations (booster sessions), email, and forum support


Gain lifetime access to up-to-date online resources for the course attended
Access up-to-date course slides, guides, and actionable templates

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Syarat, dan Ketentuan untuk mengikuti program ini :
  1. Minimal lulusan SMA/SMK
  2. Kamu dapat memilih kelas Offline/Online
  3. Kamu tidak harus memiliki background IT/Coding


Essentials of Creating a WordPress Website

▷ Why you need a website
▷ Domain name, web hosting, and content management system (How it all connects together)
▷ Open source vs propriety content management systems – which should you go with and why?
▷ or – Similarities, differences, pros and cons
▷ Recommended domain name registrars
▷ How to buy a domain name
▷ How to choose a reliable web hosting provider
▷ What is a content delivery network (CDN) and why is it important
▷ How to point/link your domain name to your web host
▷ Navigating cPanel within your web host
▷ Setting up work emails (i.e. in cPanel versus G Suite Gmail
▷ Understanding file manager within your web hosting cPanel and managing your website files (images, videos, plugins, documents, databases) from the backend server
▷ 3-step WordPress installation
▷ Logging into WordPress for the first time

Designing and Building the Core Pillars of Your WordPress Website-Homepage, Pillar Pages, Landing Pages, Blog, Contact Pages (Front-End)

▷ Modern Web Design Trends
▷ Free themes versus premium themes
▷ How to choose a reliable WordPress Theme
▷ How to install a parent theme
▷ How to install a child theme
▷ Introduction to drag-and-drop webpage builders
▷ How to install a WordPress theme (DIVI theme)
▷ Customising site-wide settings (General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks)
▷ Adding and managing website users
▷ Planning website architecture
▷ Adding site content: How to create webpages, add content with the Visual Editor and Text Editor, create hyperlinks, and more
▷ How to set up a main navigation menu
▷ Uploading and retrieving images to and from the media library
▷ How to edit images within WordPress
▷ How to create image galleries
▷ How to set up a blog section and create blogposts
▷ How to plan and design what to include on your landing page (wireframing)
▷ How to create landing pages that drive important actions from your users (i.e. generate leads, signups, downloads, pageviews, and sales)

Enhancing your WordPress Website with Plugins – Security, Backup, Design, Search Engine Optimisation, eCommerce, Web Form (Back-End)

▷ Introduction to WordPress plugins
▷ Recommended plugins every WordPress website should have
▷ Introduction to creating and running an eCommerce online store on WooCommerce
▷ Creating product pages
▷ Setting up eCommerce workflows (from add-to-cart, shipping methods, and checkout to payment methods, order confirmation, and email notifications)
▷ Exploring WooCommerce extensions (from promo codes to membership systems)
▷ How to create contact forms and set up notification emails
▷ How to enhance your website speed and page loading times
▷ How to test whether your website is mobile-friendly
▷ How to secure your website from hackers
▷ Basic search engine optimisation
▷ How to ensure your website is fully functional and resolve any potential issues such as plugin conflicts

Producing WordPress Design Documentation For Website Managers

▷ How to produce a WordPress web design documentation for website managers and web development agencies
▷ Essential details to include in a WordPress web design documentation

Web Development Fast and Easy

  • Teori dan Cara Kerja Website
  • Beli dan Instalasi Domain, Hosting dan WordPress
  • WordPress Dashboard ( Post, Add Media, Page, Widget, Setting )
  • Setting Tema Website ( Free Theme, Paid Theme dan Customize Theme)
  • Plugin dan Tool penting untuk Website
  • SEO Friendly ( Content, Menu, Permalink dan Categories )
  • User Access ( Management Pengelelolaan User Website
  • Business and Security Website
  • Add Tagging Script ( Search Console, Analytics, Remarketing, FB Pixel)

Design and Content Conversion

  • Elementor : Design Web dan Landing Page. Detail and Technical
  • Konsep Design Website
  • Sesuaikan Design Psikologi Kepada Target Audience
  • Detail Faktor Website Konversi
  • Kesesuaian Layout, Font, Warna, dan Gambar
  • AIDAC Konsep Untuk Konten Website
  • Kesalahan yang Sering dilakukan dalam membuat website
  • Studi Kasus Membuat Halaman Website

Materi yang dibahas :

  • Mengapa Menggunakan WordPress, Mudah dan Terbaik
  • Instalasi WordPress (Domain, Hosting dan Instalasi WordPress)
  • Dashboard WordPress (Post, Add Media, Page, dan Widget)
  • WordPress Theme ( Free Theme, Paid Theme, and Customize Theme)
  • WordPress Plugin Terbaik dan yang terpenting
  • Belajar Elementor / Brizy WordPress
  • Organizing WordPress Content ( SEO Friendly, Menu, Permalink, Categories)
  • User Access (New and role access Admin Web)
  • Business Feature Plugin for WordPress
  • WordPress Maintenance tips and trick
  • Add Tagging Script WP (Google Analytics, Remarketing, Fb Pixel, tag Manager)
  • Instalasi E – Commerce Plugin.

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Self-led labs let you explore your own coding projects based on the material from lecture.


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Culture of Collaboration

Work with other students who are considerate, understanding, and generally pleasant to be around.

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On this forum, you can engage with the wider community of Codeva, including students, alumni and our other mentor staff. Meet fellow students in your cohort and bootcamp. Chat to Codeva staff about your career placement post bootcamp. Share resources, memes and Youtube videos, as well as posting your code snippet to figure out why it’s not running. In addition to your personal mentor, weekly calls and work submissions, this forum will make sure you will always have someone to turn to.


Slack communities

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Online platform

Access our online education platform at any time after the digital marketing course, with lectures, screencasts, flashcards and challenges.

Additional resources

Benefit from advanced tutorials in digital marketing to push your digital marketing skills further and keep on learning and practicing after the bootcamp.

Global network

Receive unique job and freelance opportunities from Codeva alumni who work as digital marketing, product managers and entrepreneurs in successful tech companies all over the world.

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The mentors that guide you learned their craft at Codeva, and have studied for years specifically towards a career path as a full-time digital marketers and mentor. Codeva runs the most selective programme in the world for sourcing and training for this unique career path, which is designed to maximise the success of students around the globe.

1-on-1 Support

Detailed professional feedback

Have your work reviewed for quality and accuracy, and whether it’s aligned to industry standards. Benefit from professional feedback by your dedicated mentor who’s available to share insights and expertise to inform you.

Personalised schedule

Regardless of your time zone, you receive personalised mentoring at a schedule and time that suits you. Your mentorship is planned around your schedule.

Regular video chats

Through regular video chats, you have direct access to industry expert digital marketing reviewers who will answer your questions, check in with you throughout your journey, and provide feedback.

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Meet Your Mentors

Work 1:1 with a mentor, a specialised trainer who’ll review your work to make sure it’s accurate and aligned to industry standard. Your dedicated mentor is available for personalised mentorship to guide you throughout your journey and help you master the course content. Look forward to professional feedback, frequent video calls and a personalised schedule tailored around your needs.



Ryan is a Codeva alum. After completing his Accounting degree, he decided to pursue his real passion in programming which he learned in high school. He completed programming courses with Codeva and was subsequently hired as a mentor. He has been mentoring students for 2 years now and has mentored over 500 students.



Vito is a mentor who reviews course content and has an M.Sc. in Computer Science. She enjoys coding because of the challenge and numerous learning opportunities it presents. She is passionate about teaching and believes that anyone can code. She enjoys being a mentor as she gets to spark coding interest within different people from different fields/industry which she finds awesome.


Join a network of over 7500

professionals who have transformed

their career through Codeva.

FREE Classes

Get FREE access to VIP Events

View Unique Codeva Syllabus and Teaching Materials

Find out if you’re eligible for Codeva Job Connector

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Fill Out The Form For FREE Classes And To View Codeva Program Packages

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Throughout the years, we’ve helped many people acquire new coding expertise and sharpen their skills as they prepared to embark on new careers. We can tell you a lot about our bootcamp, personalised support, instant feedback and industry-aligned course content. But we believe our past students say it best.



“My experience at Codeva was nothing short of fantastic. The staff is extremely professional, insightful, and attentive. The facilities are superb and create an ideal environment for both learning and networking. I would definitely consider taking another Codeva course to continue my professional development.”

Akbar Raharja


“The best part of my experience with Codeva was the great Instructors and the well-organized course materials. I was very impressed with what we did in the class, which was heavily focused on hands-on projects.”

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